Comparative analysis and framework evaluating web single sign-on systems

Furkan Alaca, P. C. van Oorschot.

ACM Computing Surveys, 53 (5) 112:1-112:34, September 2020.


Many password alternatives for web authentication proposed over the years, despite having different designs and objectives, all predominantly rely on the knowledge of some secret. This motivates us, herein, to provide the first detailed exploration of the integration of a fundamentally different element of defense into the design of web authentication schemes: a mimicry-resistance dimension. We analyze web authentication mechanisms with respect to new usability and security properties related to mimicry-resistance (augmenting the UDS framework), and in particular evaluate invisible techniques (those requiring neither user actions, nor awareness) that provide some mimicry-resistance (unlike those relying solely on static secrets), including device fingerprinting schemes, PUFs (physically unclonable functions), and a subset of Internet geolocation mechanisms.

Preprint: arXiv:1805.00094 [cs.CR] ACM Digital Library