Research Group

Our research group is led by Prof. Furkan Alaca and includes undergraduate and graduate researchers at the School of Computing. Current research interests of our group members span user authentication, smart home security, trusted computing, and the security of medical applications.

If you are interested in joining our research group to pursue graduate studies, please complete and submit this Google form (you will need a free Google account to view the form). If you are an undergraduate student at Queen's and are interested in opportunities for summer research, a CISC499 or CISC500 project, and/or pursuing a graduate degree, you may reach Prof. Furkan Alaca directly on Microsoft Teams.


Furkan Alaca

Assistant Professor

Graduate Students

Ahmed M. S. E. Saad

PhD student

Julian Sequeira

MSc student

Devanand Sharma

MSc student

Aadarsh Sreekumar

MSc student

Anthony Tam

MSc student

Undergraduate Students

Paul Wooseok Lee

Research assistant (NSERC USRA)